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At Astra Zeneca, the island’s basic communications, road, and utility problems have kept all the company’s 250 Puerto Rico workers except a skeleton storm crew from reaching facilities, including the “critically important” Canóvanas plant east of San Juan, where the company makes the anticholesterol drug Crestor, said spokeswoman Alexandra Engel from the company’s U. However, we believe that given the magnitude of the storm, the facility fared well.” “We remain committed to our facility in Puerto Rico,” and the company expects the facilities to reopen fully “as soon as it is appropriate.” How soon will factories reopen?“Critical manufacturing areas” at the Amgen plant in Juncos were “not significantly” damaged by the storm, according to a preliminary assessment, said Esteban Santos, executive vice president for operations at the pioneering genetic therapy company, in a statement Monday.13, after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma had skirted the island, but before it took a direct hit from Maria.As of that date, Caruso said, he was more worried about Florida medical patients canceling elective surgery using J&J products and devices because of Irma damage there than about his company’s Puerto Rico plants. “We are still in the process of formally assessing the site.

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Johnson & Johnson, which earns a billion dollars in after-tax profits every three weeks, had a negative tax liability (net credits) last year of .8 million, combined, from its facilities in Puerto Rico and in a second island tax haven, Ireland, according to the company’s annual report.

But with the island power grid expected to be at least partly down past Christmas, Santos said, he will have to rely on backup generators to help hundreds of Amgen workers “return its operations in Puerto Rico to normal as quickly as possible.” Santos also said the company has backup production capacity at other plants off the island, plus inventory sufficient to meet patient demand.

Amgen’s charitable foundation pledged million to support Hurricane Maria relief efforts, plus million for long-term rebuilding.

We have a strong ground game in place on the island with military leadership.

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Rossello should continue to get more public messaging support from us.Luis Munoz Marin International airport (SJU) three miles southeast of San Juan is accommodating daily commercial flights. And, thanks to the intervention of General Kelly, who made a personal phone call, John Daly will extend his service at the White House as Deputy Homeland Security Advisor for another couple weeks. I hope to turn the corner on our public communications and want to thank Hope and Jessica Ditto and Mercy and Sarah Sanders for all that they and their team are doing.

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