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Whenever I eat chips I think of John because I know he's laughing too :)" 2.

The six minutes of an incarcerated Jack Tripper acting like a tough guy in this clip from a random 1981 episode of Three’s Company, starting at the mark; in particular, I love his sheepish flamingo stance at and the often useful quote “Gum me!

Here are eight reasons why we miss him: four by us and four shared with Vulture by those who knew him. Kaley Cuoco, who played his daughter on 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: "My favorite memory of John was the table reading we had for 8 Simple Rules.

I had just turned 16 and I walked in wearing a very tiny outfit.

" /Presents positive images of family, teens, and parental guidance. Parents need to know that despite a bit of iffy language ("damn," "ass") and some fairly light sexual innuendo, this sitcom offers a positive representation of family, teens, and parental guidance.

Bridget, Kerry, and Rory aren't perfect kids, but they're basically good ones who respect their parents. Some sexual innuendo that will go over the head of younger viewers. The first season focuses on a father who becomes more involved with his teenagers' lives after his wife goes back to work; in later episodes, coping with the sudden death of a parent and living/coping with extended family become central themes of the show.

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They had no idea, though, that if, for once, they'd ignored that gut feeling, they would've been able to prevent a chain of events that followed it. **Trigger Warning: Self-Harm**Stephanie disobeys DJ and goes out with Gia in the car with the boys. It was so painfully ironic and he knew if his team would ever find out, they would never forget or let him forget. It takes only one punch to the head to seriously injure, or even kill someone.But things get out of hand causing Stephanie to be left paralysed and struggling to cope with her new found life. And yet it gave him the greatest gift a man could ever be given. It is know has a "king hit" but that sounds to grand for what it is.Will she overcome it or will her disability over come her? What it really is is a "Coward's Punch" because only a coward would hit someone with no warning, no ability to defend themselves.My other favorite thing he would do was come up behind you with a potato chip on his shoulder and say, 'Do I have a chip on my shoulder?

' He must have said it 100 times, and I laughed EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Read a book @myselfpoddar - The book is, obviously, about more than just listing 8 simple rules, it's sort of a "survival guide" for parents with teenage daughters.

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