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22-Nov-2017 21:39

Communication Accommodation Theory describes the human tendency to adjust their communication according to situations and people involved.

People have that ability to mold themselves in any kind of situation to control social differences.

At lunch, all the employees are talking about expensive luxury cars.

Though Judy has less knowledge on it, she tries to interact about cars using all the knowledge she has to fit in or belong in that group.

Communication accommodation theory (CAT), initially known as speech accommodation theory, was first developed by Giles in 1971 so as to explain how we manage certain facets of interpersonal communication, particularly, our choice of accents and dialects.

Indeed, it was originally conceptualized to mine more complex socio-psychological understanding of language choices than a mere recourse to people's socially normative dispositions ( Giles & Powesland 1975 ).

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1991 ) and it has, according to many commentators, assumed the status of a major socio-psychological theory of language and social interaction (e.g., Tracy & Haspel 2004 ).

The theory is related to four socio-psychological theories: similarity, attraction theory, social exchange process theory, causal attribution process theory and intergroup distinctiveness theory.