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26-Nov-2017 09:48

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One might argue that so is the case with almost all the couples on the planet.

However, though they will have fights and troubles looming over their relationship, the couple will manage to stand out of it.

Jealousy is actually the thing that they should be worried about in this relationship. Aquarians are known for having hoards of friends that he likes to spend a lot of time with. The first time they kiss will be like the first time he took a shot of Fireball. He will raise his eyebrows and a puff of smoke may even come out of his mouth after that forceful kiss she just gave him.

He will wonder what else could be in store for them!

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This woman will want to win him, but she will have to play his game first. Speaking of war, Aries' ruling planet (that they share with Scorpio) is Mars which is the planet of war. They are both powerful planets, and if their power is not harnessed correctly with one another it will cause disagreements. But if the Aquarius man and the Aries woman learn to do this, they will be a happy couple.The key to a strong foundation in the life of this wonderful couple is to make way for each other and not let the ego's play havoc.He needs to remember how much he adores her childlike innocence, the way that her aura sparkles, and how she believes in everything magic.

An Aries woman is independent from the day she was born.

She may think that he is detached and sometimes cold, but it's really because his brain is going a thousand miles a minute and he has no idea what is going on around him.

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