Artist dating non artist

15-Nov-2017 06:55

Many painting experts consider this to be his masterpiece.

When unveiled in 1541 it caused a sensation equalled only by his fresco on the Sistine Chapel ceiling of 30 years earlier.

His major commission was the completion of St Peter's Basilica in Rome (in particular the domed roof), a project which Pope Julius II had started back in 1506.

Although changes were made to Michelangelo's plans after his death, the exterior of St Peter's owes more to his designs than those of any other architect.

The original dimensions of the tomb had room for almost 80 oversized figures.

In fact he was regarded by his papal and artistic contemporaries as one of the greatest architects of the Mannerist period.He reinvigorated the classical idea that the nude human body is a sufficient vehicle for the expression of all emotions which a painter can depict, a notion that had an enormous influence on the subsequent development of Academic art - and on art as a whole.

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