Azerbaijani single dating site

09-Jan-2017 04:12

A 5-minute communication is usually enough to make a preliminary conclusion on how adequate and acceptable a ‘candidate’ is.

Though, if you take the liberty of being sort of categorical, then even a few seconds will suffice.

However, later, heterosexuals decided to put an end to that discrimination. It is used by both adventure-seekers and more serious individuals, dreaming about big and pure love.

And there are plenty of children, whose parents met each other that way. Some people are simply unaware that Tinder is available in Azerbaijan.

Having downloaded the app on your phone and undergone registration, you set the search criteria (gender, age and permissible distance).

Then the program ‘recommends’ a pile of photos of people, whom you, theoretically, may be interested in. You ‘flip’ through them and ‘Like’ a person who appeals to you most.

And when they learn about it, they are very skeptical about this option.

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