Baby consolidating naps to one nap

16-Jan-2017 00:27

To complicate matters further, a better daytime feeding, playing and napping routine usually defines how well the baby sleeps at nighttime and vice versa. Then there are baby's growth spurts or a sudden onset of GERD or colic or plain old infant gas that could throw a well established nap schedules off.

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Your baby's naps will consolidate into fewer but longer naps instead of the short bursts that your newborn would take.

So lets start with a basic understanding of infant sleep at nap time, and then look at some possible schedules by age range.

We will address some common questions parents ask on infant nap time schedules. 2) How Do I Know If My Baby Is Getting Enough Sleep During Each Nap?

While the higher end of that range is so high that you may wonder, "Who are these babies that sleep so well and how lucky are their parents?

" and more pressingly, "What could I be doing wrong?Listening for cues earlier in the process will help preventing them from getting to this dangerous point.