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18-Feb-2017 09:40

I find the sentencing policy completely unacceptable and too lenient for this kind of offence,” he adds. “The sentences handed down that I have seen were so ridiculous that I was astonished. It is nothing compared to the destroyed life of the victim,” says Ljiljana Raičević, director of the Safe Women’s House, a refuge for victims of domestic violence in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica.

There are no centralised statistics available for rape sentencing.

People from our legal system need a broader education, so they know how to treat rape victims and save [them] from undergoing secondary victimisation [in court],” says Rakočević.

Not so long ago, it was widely believed that simply wearing a short skirt or drinking alcohol was effectively asking for sex.Ljumobir Kotlica is a convicted rapist from the Montenegrin city Nikšić.He will soon be a free man as his two-year prison sentence is about to come to an end.Montenegro does not have specially-trained judges, prosecutors and police officers working on rape cases, which is often cited as another reason for lenient sentences.

“It must not be just law experts who deal with rape cases, we need a multi-disciplinary approach.First of all, it does not achieve its main goal – prevention.

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