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I ask Azamat, if I marry Californian girl, and a-make her prostitute, will she a... Well ah, Azamat, he get mad, he throw Borat out window, never talk again. He try bribe President Trogdor for admission with goat, chicken and bag of hair from pubis. When faced with an actual female human once a Techer leaves campus, he/it will probably sputter, ask why she has a proportionally bigger chest (he/it won't notice the flat crotch though since Techers are pretty flat there themselves), and then his head will asplode once he realizes she is female.

このブログでも口がすっぱくなるほど言っていますが、 日本の英語の授業で学ぶ英語は 英語圏で話される英語とは 大きく違っていたり 間違っていたり いろいろと問題があります。 今回は「動詞が二つつながる」ケース についてお話したいと思います。 よくあるのは、 Go という動詞の後に、 さらに動詞が続くケースです。 日本語でもありますが、 「見る」と「行く」をつなげて 「見に行く」となります。 同様のことが英語でもあります。 Go see で 「見に行く」という意味になります。 たとえば、 let’s go see the movie.

White dots represent water-filled sinkholes (solution-collapse features common in the limestone rocks of the region) called cenotes after the Maya word dzonot.

A dramatic ring of cenotes is associated with the largest peripheral gravity-gradient feature.

The crater was discovered by Antonio Camargo and Glen Penfield, geophysicists who had been looking for petroleum in the Yucatán during the late 1970s.

circumvent this problem, enabling them to determine absolute ages for ocean surface water temperature records.

In his Perspective, Adkins explains how Siani et al.

I expect she do well, she number 4 prostitute in all of Kazakhstan! Like game back in Kazakhstan where we take cat out to field and set on fire, then have big party! One day, Borat will a-invite Trogdor back to Kazakhstan, go burninate Jewtown! In fact, many "Techers" now believe that "sex," with female humans at least, is merely a myth and not something that will happen within their lifetime. The fact that -24% of the Caltech population is female probably does not help.

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I also go visit friend, Azamat, who tell me how to get more potassium. Borat want to learn more about fire games here, he try to fill out application, but SAT only score of 17. ' And Borat study at Caltech, with major of burnination! However, many Techers keep animals such as goats as pets on campus.Penfield was initially unable to obtain evidence that the geological feature was a crater and gave up his search.