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It would also mean BIG movement is coming from CY-2011 onwards as DOS is free to apply FB visas and do a quarterly spillover now.================================ Hi all! Comprehensive immigration reform probably doomed - Yahoo! Ask yourself Votes: no Contribution: no How many of our employers are pleading for us? If you say we are paing taxes so we should get greencard. We are using roads, hospitals, infrastucture of this country and we pay taxes as long we live here. do=editsignature Do you know many of the deals/contracts are done in a golf course ?

News ( THis is precisely what I had said yesterday! In a way it is good because, now we can plead with both parties to think of LEGAL WORKERS like us! If you say we invent new things, start Google etc then these people qualify for EB1 and it is always current. That's why your account manager has marketed you with higher rates. You should start playing golf and you can market yourself too..

I was able to obtain the PIO card at home within a week for my child after applying in person.

We have seen that for every bill which gets a chance to be presented, there is a heated debate and some compromises arrived at if the bill gets a chance to move further.

Just like the "leaked" USCIS memo on admin fixes some kind soul in DOS "leaked" this older/draft version of the VB out!

It just mentions that the intention of AP is to allow the AOS applicant to return after temporary travel outside US. Otherwise the EB3 will have the motivation to refile in EB2 and clog the system further.On other thoughts its very much possible that someone leaked an early version of the Sept 10 VB.However the Sept 10 VB would have undergone revisions and may be different now.If EB2's PD is (current - 3 years), EB3 should be not more than 2 years behind (The time it takes to get to I485 stage).

I doubt people at USCIS have the time, interest or the inclination to understand this bit of simple math - As a result you will have people with multiple applications trying to to beat the broken system.

Yes, there is a distinction between if the I-94 date has expired, or if it is validfirst of all with that Matloff paper u proved a point that i was trying to make and that is the fraud cases are way more than 20% and secondly Matloff is only one person in the anti immi committee (if u can call it that) that opinion is his and doesn't necessarily dictate the whole bandwagon of anti-immis , the brand equity hit takes place at the grass-root level check out that punk aka itgrunt these turds brand every indian immigrant as being fraudulent beacuse of the fraud that takes place , all these organizations , numberusa , washtech etc thrive only because of the large number of grass-root supporters who call in the senators and tip them over Matloff making the "fraud issue is irrelevant" statement is hypocritical , but he's always been that way.