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Quit allowing the people to be distracted from the FACTS with the smoke & cover illusions of biased information... The owners of the Sixth Street Market in the Warehouse District downtown soon will have another item to add to their list of goods for sale - a series of townhomes they are building in Tremont.

So long as the populace is distracted by those games portrayed by the development folks-they will never be able to get involved nor desire participating. Brothers Tommy, Ross and Sammy Catania are building between 19 and 26 upscale townhomes, Sammy Catania said They will break ground this week on Literary Avenue in the first of three phases of the for-sale townhomes, he said.

Publish a FACT Based newsletter with all the MAPS, Plans, 2020 Master Plans, and Allocations for the public at large to review...including the residents without internet, without access, and without factual info in front of them that gives them the unbiased right to react effectively... All the CDC's have something that the activists do NOT have..have a list of members, a board, and an administrative body to fight for funding, to use as a base, and to "play politics" locally.

They have something called leverage and they use it to benefit themselves. Always Appreciative, "ANGELn Ward14" Cimperman: "I'm interested to learn more and more about municipal finance. And that whole thing." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Too bad many of the developers that Cimperman, et al, decides to pick and choose from have a high return rate of wasting tax dollars, shoddy development, and then filing bankruptcy after they have taken our money.

Yet, the privy keep us on our toes fighting case by case issues... Everyone of us has stuck our nose into all the other business on the table trying to make a difference. Rysar's specialty is selling affordable inner-city homes.

We attend meetings, we speak up, and we get slammed individually for our efforts to fight the corruption. Lately, complaints about Rysar's construction have started to sound eerily familiar.

Train the trainers, train the subordinates, and build a foundation that actually finally represents the "people" of our community. "The stuff that [Rysar] put in is not holding up," Smalls says.

The only way to change others is to change your actions and reactions to them! When workers from Cleveland Housing Network came to install new insulation, she says, they discovered rotting wood in the rafters.

Inspire the little people to fight for their own rights by giving them the tools they need to stand on their own two feet... Homes in the Villages of Central sell for 0,000 to 0,000, and feature suburban-style perks.

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