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I have been trying everything within my power (counseling, using tactics to stop abuse when it’s happening, anti-depressants) to “fix” my destructive marriage.

In March of last year, I finally told him exactly what I thought our problem was: that he was abusive. Obviously God had gone before me and prepared his heart for that.

If or when the therapist tries to get the narcissistic person to reflect honestly on himself or his or her behavior, there is usually great resistance, excuse making, blame shifting, or termination of treatment.

If you don’t think you have a problem, if you won’t listen to someone who gives you feedback and if you refuse to look within, there is not a high probability that you will change.

There’s a lot more to our story than I can inundate you with here, but I feel that our marriage cannot be saved. One of the therapists we have seen believes he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Answer: Let me begin by saying I applaud your courage for trying to do things that will change the destructive dynamics of your marriage.

Safety is essential for any relationship to be healthy.

They may go to marriage counseling, but it is always their spouse’s lack of love, lack of support or lack of care that becomes the issue.

They often portray themselves as the victims of emotional abuse.

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Having a safe community where women can share their stories as well as resources is essential but even more so when you are in a destructive marriage.Safety involves respecting boundaries, stopping destructive interactions when the other person says stop and taking responsibility for your own actions when you’ve crossed the line and scared or hurt the other person.

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