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31-Mar-2017 09:23

Used to bowl, and play golf, lightly played baseball and football. Now I have nerve damage in my spine and down my right arm, so I'm relearning what sports I can do, and what exercises I can do. About Guys I Want To Meet: Not too intense, just friendly...

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Here are our Terms of Use: Please read our Privacy Policy: I absolutely love the app, the app is perfect. The admin team will message you to see how your enjoying the app and to see if their has to be any changes. This app allows users to view guys globally, down to locally. A tutorial on the app would be nice ^-^ because of of the buttons, I wasn’t really sure what it really was meant for, until I pushed them.

About Guys I Want To Meet: scruff/beard, jeans and t, rural, fit 30-60, can get jeans dirty. About Me: Living in Austin and wanting to get to know the gay muscle community here. About Me: I am originally from southwest Louisiana and it will always be home but I now I am out and about trying to meet new people and make some new friends. My name's Joe and I kind of live, I should say, I'm based, in the teaming, steaming, megalopolis of Columbia, SC.