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23-Sep-2017 01:06

Next: Why all play is not created equal The Good Since many kids today spend so little time with neighbors and friends, virtual worlds can give them a comforting sense of companionship — and not just in the digital realm."Children make virtual friends, sure, but they also use these sites to meet and shore up their relationships with real-life friends," says Yasmin Kafai, Ed.CP's safeguards are updated so often that some of the talk and tactics I observed are already impossible — and probably more will be by the time this story is printed. While many penguins were amicable, I was called "weirdo" twice and "nerd" three times, told to go away six times, and pummeled with snowballs and mean-face emoticons.(Merrifield explained that the site allows some words that can be negative — nerd, geek — if some kids identify themselves that way.)"It stands to reason that bullying happens in kids' virtual worlds," says Collier, "because it happens in school and on the playground, too." But in the virtual world, the inherent anonymity compounds the problem.But then I realized that these kids were only pretending to be waiters and waitresses.And they thought I was pretending to be a customer.

We want to play, but we can't get to the Website." And just like that, my third grader's age of digital innocence ended, as both of us dove headfirst into the junior cyber-social world. Because after Jake went to bed that night (giddy with excitement over the creation of his penguin alter ego — or "avatar"), I decided I needed to find out just what was going on in those millions of online igloos that have kids so addicted."So the earlier they learn appropriate behavior, the better."The Bad But just how appropriately are these avatars behaving?