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16-Mar-2017 23:56

Red light cameras keep crosswalks safe and clear for pedestrians, especially our disabled and aging populations.It is necessary to ensure that crosswalks are accessible and secure, especially for those that are mobility and visually impaired, including seniors.

This means that once a driver is issued a citation, they are very unlikely to run a red light again.As directed by City Council, Denver first issues a Notice of Violation as an advisement with a request to respond within 15 days.If no action is taken by the vehicle owner after 45 days, a Penalty Assessment Notice (PAN) will be served via personal service or certified mail.Denver is continually working to become a more walkable, bikeable, and safe environment for residents in all transportation modes and across all abilities.

Photo enforcement is an important tool that changes driver behavior to improve safety.

If this legal document is ignored, a default judgement could be entered and the citation could be sent to collections.