Consolidating debt on mortgage

30-Nov-2016 21:21

Confused by all the loan programs from which to choose from?Our Loan Program page will help you find the right type of loan for you - we even offer FHA loans,hard money loans, New Jersey and New York coop loans.You should only consider using superannuation after you’ve investigated all other debt management options, and preferably when you’ve received advice from a The short-term benefit of using your superannuation early needs to be weighed up against the longer term disadvantages of decreasing the funds that will be available to you in retirement.For example, if you access your superannuation early to pay the arrears on you home loan in circumstances where you cannot afford your home in the long term, all you have done is prolonged the inevitable sale of your house.You will have also taken funds that were originally protected from creditors (superannuation) to pay off debt where the funds lose their protection, and lost both your house and a portion of your superannuation.You will have reduced the superannuation funds available to you in retirement or for another incident of financial hardship.We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service and appreciate the opportunity to earn your mortgage loan business.

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