Cool dating

05-Mar-2017 12:15

As I entered my 20s and began dating more, I recognised that this "girl" was the type of woman most dudes seemed to go ga-ga over.Then, in 2014, with the release of the film adaptation of , the term "Cool Girl" entered into the millennial lexicon. But since society has told us that men are more interested in cool, hot chicks who are into the things they’re into, are chill with casual sex, and who never freak out over an ignored text, for a long time I suppressed my natural, rigid feelings and plastered on a smile.

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I was able to step outside myself and recognise that this performance I was putting on was full Cool Girl — especially once Flynn laid out the concept in her book.

Once I started being fully honest with myself, I realised that instead of getting the guy to like me, it was important that I take the time to figure out whether I like him.

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