Creative usernames for dating websites

09-Jul-2017 20:29

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I'd remove references to having "no filter", men will worry you'd insult their family and friends, and remove "smart ass reply".

You don't want to sound like you'll be hard work.​If you're proud of your rapier wit, display it on your second date or when appropriate in your emails.

The number one issue that puts daters off is "photos showing a dramatically different body shape".

If you describe yourself as sporty, outdoorsy or sociable, use a photo that demonstrates that.

We spoke to Match.coms’s relationship expert Kate Taylor, who told us all we need to know about how to write an online dating profile that's sure to get you hits.

It’s obvious profiles without photos attract little attention.

Until then, focus on simply looking like you'd be someone who'd be fun and easy to spend time with.

Keep it to two things, not five, and again, lose references to "lip". Selfies work very well online, but maybe lose the scarf. Saying you enjoy great company is good, but don't immediately mention your cat like he's your only idea of great company.​Don't mention bed. Use the interests section to help a potential dater picture going on a date with you, and give them an idea of what type of date you'd like. OK so our profiles were imaginary and in some cases partly fictional (there is no cat called Bert), but we definitely learnt a lot about what to try and what to avoid.

A quick perusal of your latest matches will show you how few people put thought and time into crafting their online-dating profile.

And yet, like any first meeting, a good first impression is essential.

Creating an online dating profile can be pretty tough (and we would know, check out our attempts below).

How do you let potential daters know that you are smart, beautiful and funny without seeming a little conceited or desperate?Someone needs to imagine being with you and feeling comfortable.