Cuttino mobley kim cattrall dating single men dating women with children

28-Feb-2017 08:59

It isn’t much of a taboo these days but it’s still a little risqué. So hot, in fact, that no one call tell they are as old as they are. Celebrity cougars have made cougar life a thing of beauty.

Below are the top ten most famous celebrity cougars.

She spent many years married to a younger man, played cougars on tv and movies, and then came her fourth husband. Welch posed topless many times and made no bones about her cougar status.She divorced the hulk and began to date a series of much younger men. She has been on the music scene for decades and the movie scene has been her on again off again playground.(One ending in a legal battle) They were also much hotter than Hulk Hogan so we might understand the inclination. She has consistently dated younger men throughout her life. This leads us to believe cougardom isn’t a choice but a genetic predisposition.These seemingly at-odds career paths finally converged to create the charismatic, sexy, and intense character that earned the actress a Golden Globe, five Emmy nominations, and the respect of countless women who felt that Cattrall's performance as the unapologetically lustful Samantha on "Sex and the City" laid waste to preconceived views of just how sexual a woman of a certain age could or should be.

Cuttino Mobley announced his retirement in December of 2008, citing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy — a disease that causes the heart muscle to thicken, making it more difficult to pump blood — as the reason for ending his 11 year NBA career.

Demi is a classic example of a cougar who can’t help it. She played Cat Woman but she is a real life cougar.

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