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02-Mar-2017 08:48

“Sorting out the sinkholes took longer than expected due to a very large botnet we had sinkholed the previous week eating up all the bandwidth, but soon enough I was able to set up a live tracking map and push it out via Twitter.” He said he had then asked an “employee” to find out if the malware was set up to regularly change the domain name it used.

“After about five minutes the employee came back with the news that the registration of the domain had triggered the ransomware meaning we’d encrypted everyone’s files (don’t worry, this was later proven to not be the case), but it still caused quite a bit of panic,” Malware Tech wrote.

I then modified my host file so that the domain connection would be unsuccessful and ran it again….. “Now you probably can’t picture a grown man jumping around with the excitement of having just been ransomwared, but this was me.

“The failure of the ransomware to run the first time and then the subsequent success on the second mean that we had in fact prevented the spread of the ransomware and prevented it ransoming any new computer since the registration of the domain.” He said while registering the domain name had the effect of a kill switch he did not believe this was the hackers’ actual intent.

“Thus we initially unintentionally prevented the spread and and further ransoming of computers infected with this malware.

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“I believe they were trying to query an intentionally unregistered domain which would appear registered in certain sandbox [computer analysis] environments, then once they see the domain responding, they know they’re in a sandbox the malware exits to prevent further analysis,” he wrote. however, because Wanna Crypt used a single hardcoded domain, my registration of it caused all infections globally to believe they were inside a sandbox and exit.It was continuing to cause problems, with concerns some files have been lost, and the hackers are likely to have slightly altered the program to enable it to continue infecting more computers.The UK-based analyst, known as Malware Tech on social media and aged just 22, has now written a blog about the “crazy events” that began after the malicious program struck on Friday.The data can also be used to inform victims that their computers have been infected and give an idea of how large the attacks are.

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Registering the domains can also potentially allow analysts to take control of the bot.At one point, there was a suggestion he had actually helped encrypt people’s data and testing this involved deliberately trying to infect his own computer.

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