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01-Sep-2016 05:58

There has to be a connection that involves feelings and emotions for me.Getting hurt isn't something I worry about if I did I'd never meet because I'm not cold.I have had good NSA in the past whe we would hook up for an hour or two have a nice cup of tea then moved onto playing And some of the best times have been with women who have not been textbook beauties but have had that spark that's far hornier.

I think it's inevitable with the sort of friend I would like so unless that man is an extra special type of man I don't think I'll find him.

Many of who we'd be happy to have a real friendship with. All through life me meet people, some we like some we don't, some we connect with without knowing how or why. I think some people can't understand the fact that yeah, you don't want NSA but it doesn't mean you want to shack up with them at the fastest opportunity.

Think about work, there are men and woman I have connected with and some not so much. I think if you are looking for a deep connection leading to more here I think your going to get emotionally hurt. I've had a few fbs and it didn't turn sour, things just drifted.

Obviously everyone has different levels of feelings and emotions they're prepared to express in a NSA environment, but that's a good thing for me.

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It's hard mentally sharing that much emotion with more than one person.And if NSA is what you prefer, has it always been like that, or is it because of bad past experiences, related to the example above? I have no trust, but I want and crave a connection, but don't have the time to see someone regularly.

Wear something that you’re comfortable in and that reflects the real you.’ ‘First date nerves are natural, but you can tackle them by employing a few confidence tricks.… continue reading »

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) I just wanted to say something that would break the ice. I'm like chocolate pudding - I look like crap but I’m as sweet as can be. … continue reading »

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Happily married couples are committed to the goal of giving each other pleasure.… continue reading »

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It’s not like all of our songs are going to sound like “I Love It” or “Manners.” It’s always so hard to describe your own music. I remember the cover and everything, it was an Absolute record. You would collect them — one, two, three, four, five. And you were very not cool if you didn’t have them. It had the Prodigy and [the Babylon Zoo track] “Spaceman.” Jawo: Yeah, I had that one! Hjelt: At the beginning we did everything ourselves.… continue reading »

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