Dating a redhead

07-Jun-2016 01:41

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Being Ginger is a surprising, revealing and somewhat touching look at the world through one man's strong point of view.

It is told through the eyes of a ginger, which in Great Britain, means a redhead.

(Also, I have heard little evidence that climate change will make Scotland sunnier.

That above article is the first I’ve heard of it.) So redheads are here to stay, barring some sort of catastrophic, nightmarish genocide or unforeseen illness that only affects redheads. They actually might be better selected for procreation.

It wasn't so long ago that there was still a certain stigma attached to online dating, but now everyone does it; in fact, now one in three couples meet online it proves that when you’re ready to meet your dream redhead, this is the ideal way to do it.

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Interestingly, this has broad implications and could explain much of the cultural stigma against them beyond just having red hair.

First off, it is true that the gene for red hair is recessive.

That in and of itself, however, does not mean it will slowly go extinct- since redheadedness is not an especially maladaptive condition- that is, it’s not a trait that makes it harder to survive, and so there’s no reason for it to be selected out of the gene pool.

Not that this is unique to her family- redheads as a group are quite proud of their red-headed heritage, as evidenced by the multitude of redhead t-shirts and other kitschy redhead apparel you’ll find everywhere. At any rate, while looking up the evidence for my takedown piece, I discovered two things: 1) despite popular belief, redheads are in fact not dying out. redheads may, in fact, be genetically superior to their black, brown, and blonde haired brothers and sisters (as evidenced by their Gaelic ancestors practically building America). if you’re not familiar with the claim here, let’s catch you up.

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(Sadly, no one makes those for us ever-common brown haired folk.) Irked at their high horse, I decided I would write a scathing (yet gentle) article about how redheads are actually a genetic dead end and that everybody widely agrees they’ll be gone in a few generations due to the utter weakness and inferiority of the redheaded gene. Put simply, there is a common wisdom that redheads will go extinct because red hair is a recessive gene or because Scotland’s going to get less cloudy due to climate change. This has been oft-repeated, but is (thankfully) still wrong. That’s one reason why we’ve created a specialist site entirely for lovely redheads, gingers and their admirers; now you can simply and effectively find exactly who you’re looking for without having to waste time sifting through all those tiresome unsuitable matches.

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