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His fame and credibility as a westerner lent star appeal and an aura of authenticity.

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Annie Oakley broke ground when she and her husband and manager, Frank Butler, joined Buffalo Bill early in 1885.

The most successful was Colonel Fred Cummins whose congress at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, in 1901 included both Calamity Jane and the great Sioux leader Red Cloud.

The role of Indian people was both essential and anomalous in the Wild West.

Cody and Carver took the show, subtitled “Rocky Mountain and Prairie Exhibition,” across the country to popular acclaim and favorable reviews, launching a genre of outdoor entertainment that thrived for three decades and survived, in fits and starts, for almost three more. The earliest antecedent to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show may actually have been staged in France in the middle of the sixteenth century when fifty Brazilian Indians were brought to Rouen to populate a replica of their village.

Horse shows and menageries with exotic animals had been popular in America since the eighteenth century.

The next twenty years saw the rise and fall of dozens of smaller-scale Wild Wests.

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