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30-Aug-2017 13:56

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Personally I started because the summer months cause more sweat. The funny thing is, when I part my hair down the middle. God I love all this "picking hair out of my teeth"BS.

As an unshaved woman, who has had an unshaved/trimmed partner I have experienced the hair in the mouth issue maybe 3 times. I also second the comments about pubic hair being healthier. So many people seem to forget that the shaving thing is a relatively NEW craze...

But she was no militant about it--she used to say "I can't believe you're accepting this!

I'm only staying hairy because shaving's a pain, but I'll do it if you want." I think really she wanted me to ask her to do it so she could blame me for it.

All their users are single and if their app works, they lose two customers!

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I just told her to look outside, you are not in the amazon.Then it will change again, and again, and again.... I don't do it because of the porn industry or because anyone likes it or doesn't. To the woman who said "If I quit shaving, I could be a hair fetishist's wet dream" I have to ask, what kind of fetishist are you appealing to by being shaved, a guy who likes little girls? And a few years ago I did have a girlfriend who only shaved (legs and underarms, I mean, never crotch) in summer, and I never had a problem with it.If your woman shaves you can always ask her just to grow it for you...that's the good thing about shaving, you can at least choose what you want down there....permanent hair removal is a whole different story and not so negotiable :)I feel cleaner and neater with it shaved. I mean, I'd happily jump her bones in summer, but I was fine with her winter pelt too.Hair may be a barrier for dirt and foreign debris, but not bacteria.

Number two, even though hairs are thin, they're long so they are multiplying by many times the amount of surface area on which bacteria may live.There is no way on this earth that anyone could look at me and mistake me for a little girl. If my pubic hair was confined to my pubic area I probably wouldn't have started shaving it off. Sure, I could shave all but a pubic patch but that would require that I do some shaping, making sure that I keep things symmetrical. Too much off this side, now I have to redo the other side! I also love my man to be nicely trimmed or even completely shaven if he wants as it makes going down on him so so nice...

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