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Completing all of the random character encounters contributes 5% towards 100% completion of the game.

You can find a map of all their locations on the in-game internet by visiting The first encounter with Brian is unlocked after the mission "It's Your Call." Meet Brian at Iroquois Avenue, next to Roman's cab depot in Broker.

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These characters are represented by the green male and female icons on the radar, and approaching them will trigger a cutscene.

These characters are mostly minor characters that featured briefly during some missions, but who didn't have a huge part to play in the story.

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There is no action involved in this first encounter, it simply serves as an introduction to the random characters, so all you have to do is watch the cutscene.

Brian gives you 0 at the end of his little speech. The second encounter with Brian begins at Crockett Avenue in Hove Beach, near the first safehouse in Broker.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats For PS2, Best Mod Sites, By CORBS1231 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats For PS2, Best Mod Sites. Active Users (1095) 8 members, 1087 guests Mattman01, Nicole, MK8701, rollout, dedomil, krashr, Fukingpro401, Trabman: GTAGarage Stats; 14,258 mods currently .