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“It's time to wake up sweetie, you've got a big couple days ahead of you.” she cooed, gently touching my shoulder.

I, however, was having none of it—I still wanted to see if the evil spaceman was going to succeed in his plot to steal the magic bubblegum from the local dinosaurs—no one ever said dreams had to make sense.

As I sat on the edge of the crib rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I caught a glimpse of a large pink blur hanging in the open armoire, more than likely my designated outfit for the day, as if she could make this easy on me.

“Ok baby, I'm ready for you...” her sweet voice tore my attention away from the pink nightmare hanging in the dresser and back to her as she was patting the top of the changing table.

The angry look I got for opening my eyes was enough to make me quickly close them, but not before I caught a glimpse of the open jar of suppositories at the edge of the table.

“Now baby, I was going to be gentle about this, but you can't seem to stop being naught this morning...

The sound of a latex glove snapping home only confirmed my fears that this was going nowhere good and when a cold, lubricated finger found my rear opening, I couldn't help but jump. What are you do-” is all I got out before she cut me off. I'd hate to have to get out the pacifier this early because you didn't want to be a good girl.” That was enough to shut me up—the idea of having my mouth filled with the rubber of an oversized pacifier for any significant period of time outweighed the invasiveness of the finger that was still massaging my ass.The visible effect was a rather grumpy me rolling away from Mommy's touch and muttering something about coming back in an hour, which evidently was not the reaction she was looking for.