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I am on my feet for eight hours a day, a few days a week, but it doesn’t bother me.

I can walk ten miles and not feel a thing, and I play golf. Henry Bourke is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who performed the surgery with his colleague, Rakesh Kucheria, at the BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital, Windsor.

The cost to the patient or health service is cheaper, as there’s only one hospital visit and the stay is shorter.'To begin the operation, we each apply a tourniquet to the thigh we are working on to stop blood flowing to the knee joint, making it easier to see.'We then make a 10cm curved incision down the front of the knees (we work at roughly the same pace) and move the knee cap to one side so we can access the joint.'We make incisions of around 10cm to 12cm into the ends of the femur and tibia and press the small pieces of metal replacement into the bone.

The bone will grow around these pieces of metal, allowing the knee to regain its original function.'A very hard-wearing plastic, polyethylene, is then fitted between the metal surfaces and this acts as the new cartilage.'Another advantage of working simultaneously is that between us, we can agree the ‘balance’ of the two knees — that is, the positioning of the two ligaments surrounding the joint on each side — to make sure they don’t feel too loose or tight.

The judge set a maximum term of eight years, which is partially accumulative on his previous sentence - meaning he will be eligible for release on parole in March 2019.

He stressed that he was bound by penalties applicable at the time of the offending, penalties which were now much tougher for such crimes.

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Here, two surgeons are agreeing on a similar level of soft tissue tension for both knees at the same time.’ 'My colleague, Rakesh Kucheria, and I had discussed the possibility of doing simultaneous bilateral knee replacement procedures together, since we could see what a massive benefit they could be for patients.They both also work at Wexham Park Hospital in Berkshire.Mr Bourke says: 'When Martin came to see me, his scans revealed he had advanced osteoarthritis, or damage on both knee joints.'As a result, the cushioning cartilage between the lower end of his thigh bone (femur) and the upper end of his shin bone (tibia) had gone and the bone surfaces were rubbing against one another, causing a lot of pain and discomfort.Within two weeks, I was walking a quarter of a mile down our lane and after two months, I was walking three to four miles a couple of times a week.

I took early retirement from work after my accident and now have a local part-time job as a sales assistant.The discomfort in both knees got steadily more painful, so my GP referred me to a specialist who said I had osteoarthritis, probably from wear and tear.

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