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In 2006 West made a guest appearance as an actor in a sketch in The Catherine Tate Show, alongside "Frankie Howerd impressionist".In 2007, he played the Spartan politician Theron in 300 and Detective Poppil in Hannibal Rising.

He is said to have fought hard to establish a Heritage Trust in Ireland similar to the National Trust and was devoted to the conservation of great houses.In 2009, West starred in a series of online films known as "The Carte Noire Readers".Made to promote French coffee brand Carte Noire, they consist of actors reading love scenes from a selection of sources and acting through the commitment of justice.Couples are divided over whether or not to watch the show - featuring quite copious sex, both graphic and beautifully filmed - together.

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With an increased focus on the characters not engaged in the titular affair, the second series sees West in incredibly dynamic scenes with both female co-stars, his ex, Helen (Maura Tierney, also turning in magnificent work) and Wilson’s Alison, his current paramour (a term used to excellent effect in one episode). “You’re a man, you’re supposed to look after your wife and family. And of course, if you’re divorcing someone you think their behaviour is unacceptable and they do things that are, you know, appalling, which that person doesn’t perceive at all.He is best known for playing Jimmy Mc Nulty in The Wire, and won the British Academy Television Award for Best Actor at the 2012 British Academy Television Awards for portraying serial killer Fred West in Appropriate Adult.