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Brian Viglione, on the upcoming shows: “Halloween and the act of transforming yourself outwardly to strut your inner, totem-animal are in the very life blood of The Dresden Dolls.From the very first time we played the Paradise in autumn 2003 for our debut album release, we called on our fans and friends to come dressed to the nines for the occasion, and soon it spread world-wide via our most spunky followers in The Brigade.Recorded under the tutelage of the well-known Boston producing tandem of Sean Slade and Paul Q.Kolderie, the new album is simpler, with a more minimal approach to the instrumentation, but at the same time possesses a streamlined, polished sound that makes for a much more accessible, mainstream-friendly record.We were happy to play massive shows in 5,000-seat venues this past summer, but there’s nothing like playing to a sweaty club of Especially in these dark political times, we’re in need of some good old-fashioned political satire and fresh reasons to howl at the sky.For all the Marcel Marceau greasepaint, garter belts, bowler hats, and lipstick, there's no façade whatsoever when it comes to the music of Boston's the Dresden Dolls.For complete details and ticket information, please see dresdendolls.com/shows.

is as provocative as ever, but unlike, say, a Nellie Mc Kay (whose music can be charming one minute and condescending the next), there's a sincerity prevalent in all of Palmer's vivid character sketches, made more evident by the more subtle approach to her singing, which tended to get a touch overwrought on the debut.If there's one aspect of the debut that the new album lacks, it's the kind of bold songs that continue where the clever "The Jeep Song" left off, but while a successful follow-up to such a brilliant evocation of '60s girl groups is a tall order, there are enough memorable, hook-filled songs on Yes, Virginia… The vicious lyrics of "Backstabber" are underscored by a lovely piano/drums combo that will have sullen pubescent girls rallying around the "Shit brother! " chorus, while the battle-between-the-sexes drama of "Shores of California" is matched by a melody as effervescent as its title would indicate.