Dylan and cole sprouse dating life

19-Jun-2017 07:47

Cole failed his permit test the first time he took it, while his brother Dylan passed.

In early 2009, Cole backed his car into singer Ray J’s 0,000 Bentley.

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They stated and I quote,- “Vampires were cool when we watched them. Cole’s most exotic vacation was when he went to the Bahamas.Cole and his brother Dylan usually fight because they both want something.Cole once had his Facebook account deleted, because members are not allowed to impersonate celebrities.Cole drives a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution that was customized by West Coast Customs.

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He and Dylan appeared on TLC’s “Street Customs”, which aired on March 5, 2009.

Cole was in one less scene of Big Daddy than his twin brother Dylan Cole’s celebrity crush is Adriana Lima.

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