Filipino dating traditions

12-Apr-2017 09:13

” You need to speak your mind and show him that you’re an individual person worth the respect he gives you.

Continue reading Being authentic has been highly valued in any stages of a relationship more so on the onset.

Here are some nifty tips for Filipina women to get you through those “still single” blues days that keep creeping up on you like a new birthday every year! However, agreeing to every dating opportunity is not about lowering your standards to what you're uncomfortable with.

It's about first identifying what those standards are, and then learning how to say “no" when you meet someone who doesn't fit that picture.

Men love mystery and intrigue, so give them what they want - don’t be predictable. To be attractive to men, you must first know what it is that you’re looking for.

Many traditional Filipina women only date when they’re seriously involved.Read on and never be confused again about what's involved.