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In 1985, Robert Curl, Harry Kroto and Richard Smalley discovered fullerenes, a new form of carbon in which the atoms are arranged in soccer-ball shapes.

The best known fullerene is buckminsterfullerene, also known as C60, consisting of 60 carbon atoms.

Although crystalline nanotubes have been observed, they are generally amorphous.

The structures of eight allotropes are shown at the bottom of this page.

Lonsdaleite is a diamond-like carbon network which has graphite’s hexagonal structure.

It is made when meteorites containing graphite hit another body, such as Earth.

If these layers were stacked upon one other, graphite would be the result. Graphene’s discovery was announced in 2004 by Kostya Novoselov and Andre Geim, who used adhesive tape to detach a single layer of atoms from graphite to produce the new allotrope.

Carbon (in the form of coal, which is mainly carbon) is used as a fuel.Tennant also proved that when equal weights of charcoal and diamonds were burned, they produced the same amount of carbon dioxide.Although it had been previously attempted without success, in 1955 American scientist Francis Bundy and coworkers at General Electric finally demonstrated that graphite could be transformed into diamond at high temperature and high pressure.Diamond’s high thermal conductivity is the origin of the slang term ‘ice.’ At typical room temperatures your body temperature is higher than the room’s – including any large diamonds you may just happen to have lying around.

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If you touch any of these diamonds, their high thermal conductivity carries heat away from your skin faster than any other material.In 1779, Swedish scientist Carl Scheele showed that graphite burned to form carbon dioxide and so must be another form of carbon.

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