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It’s a trend that would have been unthinkable in the past, but other Las Vegas sports books directors are seeing it as well.Jimmy Vacarro, who made his fame in the 1990s at the Mirage and is now with the South Point, has been saying the past few years that college football was gaining on the NFL in terms of betting handle and would soon surpass it. There are a lot of college games on the tube, and they’re on the air from 9 AM Pacific until late Saturday night.(“People like to watch what they bet on,” Vaccaro said.) 2.Unlike the NFL, there are plenty of good games to offset the “dead games.” (The NFL this past weekend had just two games between teams with .500 or better records.) 3. (We can argue at another time about the stupidity of the power five conferences, caving in to Notre Dame and creating an exemption that allows it, in effect, to be a conference unto itself - to make it possible for Notre Dame to bank an ENTIRE CONFERENCE SHARE.) And then, because we all KNOW that the SEC is the best conference BY FAR, dwarfing all the other conferences in the excellence of its coaching and the toughness of its out-of-conference scheduling, why, it only makes sense for Alabama and Georgia both to get Playoff spots.

It's intention has been to help inform the football coach and the interested football observer on a wide variety of toovoking.There also are “stand-alone” games on Thursday and Friday nights https://com/with-controversy-swirling-around-nfl-college-football-takes-run-at-the-king-of-sports-betting/ *********** Did I hear you say you wanted the College Football Playoff to expand? Let’s suppose that Notre Dame wins out, and Alabama and Georgia finish undefeated and then play some game-for-the-ages in the SEC championship game? (Before you say “can’t happen” - you do remember that there Alabama-LSU BCS title game back in 2012, right?