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Our great LAW maker forget that "Supreme Court of India term the same as "Legal Terrorism" but our Government is sleeping since 1983 as NCW, WCD, CSR, AIWDA , Lawyers Collective and thier associates, keep on justifying all law get misused , so let such LAW also get missued, let two month old baby apply for bail, let 92 years old women go to jail, but such "Legal Terrorism " should not be stopped at all.As a , result more and more normal disputes converted to Criminal cases to show crime against women is increasing and make further new and new law.I had thought that you would be earning enough to keep me happy , but i did not know that you are a Bhikhari. I will only allow you to stay in Delhi , if you buy a three bed room flat in my name or else you will have to shift to Bangalore or Kolkata . Secend step by Sarikha :- "" See you either accept my terms or you will have to pay trial. I have to be near my parents in Kolkata or In Bangalore with my sister ."" "' Shut up , you dam fool , why don’t you understand .Your bloody parents never made you understand that before marrying you should have thought of how are you going to satisfy all the demands of your wife and that you should kept one cook and one maid servant after your marriage because it is not possible for me to cook food and wash utensils ."" "" Now I will meet you at court "" 5. I will make sure that you go to jail and loose your job just the way i made you loose the previous job . I am asking you whether you have taken any decision , as i cannot wait till eternity.

Samir shout back: " She gone to police and file the false complain under dowry harassment, her parents want to put me behind the bar, I will fight and if required will go to jail, but not going to suffer for the whole life." End of a happy , lovely married life , with in 2 years !!

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Next step by Sarikah:- "" If you will not leave Delhi and do as I tell you , then I have other means of making you follow me wherever I go . Don’t dare to tell me that you will not leave Delhi. You have to take the decision with in 4 days or else mark my words , i will ruin your life "" 10 . I will lodge a police complaint against you and your family members and make all of you repent for the rest of your life . The office in which you are standing would be compelled to through you out. Don’t forget , one of my mama is an Advocate and my another mama is MMBS Doctor in Peerless Hospital "". Police says , either you accept the terms of Sarikha demands or be prepare for going to jail along with your all parents .