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10-Jan-2017 02:01

Jessie Wise: When our son was a baby, we were fortunate to have been advised, “Live your life in chapters.” You don’t have to do everything you want to do in life while your children are small.There are priorities: God first, husband second, children third, then other family responsibilities, which would include honoring parents’ needs.TOS: How can I teach my children, take care of the house, serve at church, love my aging parents and still sleep enough at night?Can you share how you set priorities during your homeschooling years?

Practically, you must take the time to teach your children to do chores.

For homeschoolers of small children I don’t see how there is much time or energy left for long-term commitment to other things.

In thinking about “God first,” I think we need to realize that marriage, parenthood, and caring for mother and father, are forms of worship when they are practiced in accordance with biblical principles.

Putting it on paper eliminates a lot of scolding and playing around when chores can be done quickly. We had fun days off, and we had unexpected emergencies. But I began to relax a bit more when we saw that our children were well mannered and related to all age groups.

We took structured academic time off to take care of things when necessary. Working in the family and for other people, learning good work habits and how to please an employer: these should be considered socialization.Jessie Wise: I worried about my children’s academic progress until they became National Merit finalists in high school. And even though homeschooling is now very common, and homeschoolers are doing well, I think all conscientious parents worry.