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She was holding me as a mother while I greedily sucked at her tits and thrust in and out of her.

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Maybe she was horny from not getting hers last night, or just not having been with a man in awhile, but it didn’t take long to make her cum.I surveyed the room, nothing, but I heard noise from outside the door.I strolled into the kitchen naked, confident, the king of the castle, with a queen and her princess both willing to offer me their bodies at my request.But while I thought of asking for permission to enter her rectum, she went ahead and granted it, pushing herself back and popping the head of my cock into her.

The tightness sucked me further in, gripping my shaft firmly so I could feel my heart beating in my dick.

It happened quickly and without warning, but my tongue was pressed hard into her ass when she came. And when she was done she straightened up, expecting it to be over, but I wasn’t done.