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Not sure what happened here, but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t good for the baby. They are the first people I think of when I read a story like this.

That poor baby could’ve been loved by so many people who were willing to love him or her.

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We could go all virtue signaling here, but I think we can all agree – these people are the worst form of humanity. If you wanna get rid of a baby you can just drop it off at the emergency room or at a fire station like in the 80’s. Here’s 10 facts you need to know about these losers: 1. She’s been arrested a million times, mostly for prostitution charges: 4. It’s about him being an asshole and sprinting through the woods because he’s wanted for murder. And his lyrics that he shares on his Facebook page are really deep and artistic.

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\"\n\n It\'s on track to be one of my favorite series this year!

The city is constantly undermined as the also-ran to its more famous Pacific Northwest’s cousin. The downtown property’s fun, boutique vibe draws inspiration from the building’s history as the offices and printing press of the with newsroom-y touches like vintage-inspired journalists desks and thought-provoking quotes in unexpected nooks on the property. Union, the hotel’s restaurant, deserving of a visit all on its own. You’ll soak up much more Portland flavor than staying in one of the nice-but-generic chains nearby.