Gossip girl vampire dating

21-Jul-2017 17:20

Jimmy dubbed him "Bathroom Boy", and it's not long before others begin to refer to Dan as that too.

Olivia desperately tries to keep him away from it, but he eventually watches it and leaves in the middle of a board game at the VDW's.

She engages in jealous behavior towards Vanessa over Dan as a result of their threesome.

Olivia gets Dan into a cabaret program with the Tisch kids, and he picks Vanessa to direct while Olivia stars in it.

The next day, he admits to Olivia that after his last few relationships, he feels she's refreshingly cool and normal.

Olivia tells him that if he's looking for something normal, she might not be the girl for him as much as she wishes she was.

Olivia asks why they didn't finish the list until she finds out it's having a threesome.

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Appearing exclusively in the television adaption, Olivia is portrayed by Hilary Duff.

Olivia is introduced in Dan de Fleurette where she pays for Dan's cup of coffee after he forgets his wallet.