How to stop genius updating

03-May-2017 09:35

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Click on “Devices” and check the box next to “Prevent i Pods, i Phones, and i Pads from syncing automatically.” Just keep in mind that doing this means your device won’t back up automatically when you connect it to your computer.Setting your i Phone or i Pad up with i Cloud Backup is a great workaround for this.Likewise, deselect “Automatically download album artwork” and “Share details about your library with Apple.” These are two functions that start hogging your computer’s resources as soon as i Tunes opens.Turn off Genius Another vestige of the time before streaming, Apple’s Genius feature was the company’s answer to Pandora.i Tunes Genius sidebar is a great option to find new music, but it could be annoying if you just want to focus on your own music.However, the Genius sidebar is no longer exit i Tunes 11 or higher, if you are still using the old version, here's the guide to turn off this feature: Once the i Tunes Genius is enabled, there will be two small buttons at the bottom right-hand corner of your i Tunes window.Break the Links to the Web If you’re a dedicated Mac user, there’s one Safari quirk so annoying it may drive you to switch browsers.If you come across a link to an App Store download while using Safari, the browser automatically launches i Tunes so you can download it.

They’ll clog up your storage, slow down your download speeds, and make i Tunes stall as you frantically try to quit it.Find the Genius Sidebar and click the arrow button to hide it.When you want the sidebar back, click the arrow button again and Genius will re-appear.If you are using i Cloud Music Library, sometimes you may not able to find the button to turn off genius feature in ITunes, try the following steps: Turn off i Cloud Music Library and then open i Tunes, go to File-Library, turn off i Cloud Music Library.

Once it's done, the Turn Off Genius menu will appear, choose the menu and disable it.

But at the very least you can revert the feature back to how it was.

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