Joely richardson dating costar

11-Feb-2017 06:38

Richardson has had a chameleon-like career to date.

She started out on stage with the RSC and the Old Vic, then moved into independent films.

"I tried to stay as skinny as I could, which wasn't easy because for years I smoked and so I could eat whatever I wanted.

But then I gave up a month or two before we started, which made those girdles a nightmare.

Thank God she was flat-chested, it's the first time in my life that the producer wasn't asking me to wear a padded bra." Richardson is self-deprecating about her image.

"The entertainment industry is pretty mad in the first place, and people jumping out of the bushes to take your photo is just part of what's strange about it.

She studies the digital images of herself with a critical eye. '" With her strange, arresting beauty Richardson is a genuine one-off.

Today her dressing room is piled high with samples from Balenciaga and Chloé (a year ago she was the face of mumsy high-street chain Principles)."I was like, 'Who would think of me as Wallis Simpson?' Maybe that was why I was so intrigued." Wallis, a famous clothes horse, was 5ft 2in with choir-boy hips "something I couldn't get round" says Richardson apologetically.Going back to the 'famous family' thing, there's always the idea that if you come from a theatre/film background then it's easier for you, but in my twenties it was very, very difficult to find jobs." Richardson is almost unrecognisable as Wallis.

"I loved creating the look for her: the dark wig, white mask face, bright red lipstick.I'm not anyone special, so what it's like for the J-Los of this world...

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