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18-Jul-2016 06:52

As soon as we start keeping track of that stuff, people might think we're competing with each other... But when it does, I assure you, the only thing we write down on our list of accomplishments is the fact that we made out with her... For example, I will almost always date someone until we snog a few times. After we've made out a few times, I realize that I was only interested in her for "the chase". From what I understand, something similar happens in non-LDS relationships...

or maybe that we're TRYING to go that far with girls... only that feeling of "I'm done" doesn't happen until the couple has gone all the way.

Keeping the law of chastity means not participating in the following: A husband and wife should be completely faithful to each other.

They should not think, say, or do anything inappropriate with another person.

Vigilantly avoid every temptation to participate in any inappropriate sexual act, including thoughts, no matter how "innocent" the behavior may appear- because it is not innocent.

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Through following the steps of repentance you will feel the love of your Father in Heaven as your sins are forgiven.

Committing sins of a sexual nature violates God's law of chastity and offends the spirit, causing one to be unworthy of the presence of the Holy Ghost.

The only sins more serious than those of sexual sins are that of committing murder or denying the Holy Ghost (see Alma 39:5).

Start your healing by meeting with your bishop who will help and guide you the healing process.

To be worthy to enter the Lord's sacred temple you must keep the law of chastity.Our 13th article of faith states that we believe in being chaste, but what does that mean?

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