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01-Dec-2016 01:14

There are plenty of people out there with strong spanking fetishes and if you love seeing a hot chick getting a nice spanking on cam, check out these live spanking cams.Here you'll not only see hot babes that love to get smacked and slapped on their scrumptious rumps, witness them get caned and whipped as well.However, the evidence Gershoff compiled suggests that the frequency of spanking is as important as whether it happens at all.The more often a child was spanked, the more likely they were to show negative effects.

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) they likely found your suggestion to be jarring, shocking, and wildly inappropriate.

Sometimes you just have to give someone a nice smack on the ass just to show them whos boss.

"I wasn't elected to be a goddamn babysitter," Leo Cakounes said about Beaty before the regular meeting of the Barnstable County Commissioners.… continue reading »

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