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Berry would eventually receive a writer’s credit in 1966, three years after “Surfin’ USA” was written.

Wilson intended the song to be a nod to Berry, and though early rock was built on a handful of tri-chord progressions and licks, the likeness was too easily apparent.

One of the first major music copyright cases ensued as “Surfin’ U. A” landed at #3, higher on the charts than “Sweet Little Sixteen” ever would.

On the days the method indicates you are fertile, you either abstain from sex or you use an Intercourse Dependent Birth Control (IDBC), also known as having “protected sex” (such as condoms, etc.), to avoid pregnancy.

If you are trying to conceive, then you focus your timing of sex on the days the method indicates you are fertile.It’s damn near impossible to whittle the list down to 10, so feel free to complain in the comments as usual. It’s hard to name many early rock ‘n’ rollers that steal from Berry, so this will be a common motif in this list.

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Does it feel like you’ve met everyone from Point Pleasant Park up to Mackay Bridge, and you still haven’t found the one?… continue reading »

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