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18-Jul-2016 23:10

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So now I was on the hunt for a new webcam again, this time preferably with Mac Windows support (since I’ll hopefully be able to switch to Windows 8 at some point — I still hate Macs).I quickly homed in on the Logitech C920 webcam after a recommendation from William Quiviger, but when looking up the specs of it, it turned out that it didn’t have Mac support either.Mine's old, and showing its age – it can barely handle high-def video, and even stumbles on some basic tasks.Apple updated that in October too, bestowing upon its tiny desktop a new processor and the new Fusion Drive.

Luckily there was another minor hardware problem with the webcam so I was able to return it to the store for a full refund.No matter how you adjusted the image settings, the camera would render almost black/white or something resembling sepia colors, with lots of grain.Due to a little bed table accident at a hotel room in Mountain View, I switched from Windows to Mac a couple of months ago (which probably is a story worthy a separate blog post).For starters, there’s no optical drive in the i Mac anymore.

That decision makes some sense on laptops, where every ounce and millimeter matters, but I miss it here.So, although you can’t modify any settings if you’re on a Mac, I still highly recommend this webcam as it adjusts perfectly and has stunning image quality. And if you’re running Windows, the webcam is probably an even better choice.