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And, while blacks had lagged behind whites in voter participation for most of the past half century, turnout among blacks nearly matched that of whites in the 2008 presidential elections and surpassed it in 2012.The median household income for whites was ,175 in 2011, as reported in the Census Bureau’s March 2012 Current Population Survey.On the other hand, blacks have made progress relative to whites in other important realms.The gap in high school completion between blacks and whites has narrowed, as has the white-black gap in life expectancy.

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Looking at trends, the black-white poverty gap remains wide, although it has narrowed somewhat since the mid-1970s, as white poverty rose slightly and black poverty declined slightly.

In 2012, black homeownership levels were 60% of white levels.

The size of the white-black homeownership gap has fluctuated since 1976, when the black rate was 64% of the white rate.

For blacks, it was ,760; for Asians, ,521; and Hispanics ,007.

Black and white incomes have risen since the late 1960s, but both have declined since 2007, the year that marked the beginning of the Great Recession.The gap narrowed somewhat in the 1990s: In 1995, black net worth was 14% of white net worth.