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28-Jul-2016 13:48

They might stop saying things like, "You're sure you're cool with being casual, right?

" If they start to like you a lot, they wouldn't say that!

As many of you well know, being in a friends with benefits relationship can be really hard.

Repeatedly having casual sex with someone almost always leads to more intense feelings than just physical attraction – and in many cases, these feelings are one-sided.

I started to develop feelings for him, but I acted like I didn’t, because he was adamant about the fact that we would never be a couple.

After a few months, he started talking to me more after we hooked up, and I started to feel like maybe there actually was a chance for a relationship.

I could go weeks without hearing from him for no real reason.

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Sure, it could be something else, like they're extra busy or they just haven't bee in the mood, but if they went from hot to cold pretty quickly, it could be because of something bigger.

So even when a super in-your-face clue like this one happens, you still want to believe it's not real. well, that means they feel differently about this other person.