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05-May-2017 17:04

Lip Service also allows you to be flexible, logging in and working when you’re able to.

Your rate will depend on the projects and clients you choose to work with, but you’ll receive specific pay information when you’re matched with a client.

Usually, a user had to sign up for a subscription or pay per chat, and a portion of that payment goes to you.

It all depends on chat method used (actual chat or text messages) and how long the conversation lasts.

Lip Service is more of a marketplace that matches up chat agencies to qualified chatters.

So, it’s more like a place to start a chatting business and find clients through the service.

These companies will pay you to chat and flirt with men online.

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Chatters for this company can expect to earn per minute of chat time.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply, but the website accepts women from all over the world.

Flirt Bucks is perhaps the most well-known of these types of services.

This website is highly focused on women as “models” – meaning that it does encourage sharing photos through text.

However, you can chat with a man solely through SMS (regular texting) with no photos involved if you choose.Some websites have a fixed rate per minute, whereas others set their rates per call.

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