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01-Nov-2016 02:12

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Decoding whether or co-worker is being polite or wants to spend happily ever after with you can be difficult -- if you advance and you're wrong, it can be humiliating and possibly damaging to your ...

Cheating is a common problem in many relationships.

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Love is one of the most powerful and influential human feelings.It's not always easy to express your interest in someone, especially if you aren't sure whether the other person likes you back.A popular way of handling this scenario is to just hide that you like someone until you can do some ...It can happen when you least expect it -- that moment when your eyes meet from across a room and you feel your stomach leap into your throat. Aries men prefer to take the lead in relationships and also to be alone a lot of the time. Unfortunately, Aries men can sometimes be jealous and possessive. You have this feeling your co-worker is interested in you.

It is that physical reaction to instant attraction that tells you the woman you have just met may be worth pursuing. His body language makes you feel he wants to date you.Sometimes, though, that love is directed toward someone who is inappropriate for you.