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Sure, there's a romance - actually several - but the main characters, Edward Norton and Naomi Watts, have a kind of reverse relationship.Set in England in the 1920's, the two meet at a dinner party; very soon after, they get married.After the screening, Iñárritu and all of the aforementioned cast spoke with the press and industry. READ MORE: ‘Birdman’ Debuts at Venice to Rave Reviews: “Savagely Sweet” “When you hit 50,” he said, “you have to make revisions of the priorities of your life.” The filmmaker talked about the personal battle with aging that everyone must face and how the aging process affects your ego.“The movie is a look at how ego can work,” he went on. It’s rude and misleading…I can go from thinking I’m a genius to feeling like a dead jelly fish, thinking, ‘You stupid asshole, this is shit.’ ” Edward Norton claimed that “Birdman” was “a semi-serious movie made by unserious people.” Most of the questions were fielded with some sort of humor or self-deprecating wit (or, in Zach Galifianakis’ case, self-aggrandizing wit).Edward and Naomi are also producers on the film, a seven year process, helping get to theaters."Anybody who loves movies, you cannot help, as an actor, but think how fun it must be to have one of those kinds of experiences, and what a challenge it must be to make films with that kind of scope," Ed said.Except I always end up realizing, ‘No, Michael, you’re better than that.’ My ego actually grows.” The camera, it was noted, acts almost like another character in the film, always floating around, following Keaton or the other actors, but, according to Keaton, everything was done for a reason. They all move the story forward in some way…I don’t throw the word ‘artist’ around, but Alejandro is an artist.” While the movie has a loose feel, there was almost no improvisation — a shot could be ruined if a table wasn’t moved properly, or if a boom mic showed on screen, or if an actor didn’t get his or her legs out of the way quick enough, Iñárritu said.

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She was too young to experience a real love at the time; she has an affair with another man, played by Liev Schreiber.

Iñárritu added that he would direct Norton who would in turn redirect him–“I was like the mirror in the mirror in the mirror.” Zach Galifianakis, on the other hand, says he has never gotten a bad review.“I have the typical nightmares of being on stage: forgetting my lines, being naked,” Watts said.

“The high level of intensity in the film is emblematic of what’s it like to be on stage.” Norton said that he was in the theater very early in his career — as an usher at the Second Stage Theater.

“I dig it…it’s a great megaplex action movie super hero dose.” When asked why his newest film is his first real comedy, the director said, “I think it’s the same kind of film with a different approach.

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The irony and cynicism that has overwhelmed out pop-culture is horrible.Keaton at one point had to lie on a table because they couldn’t figure put any other way to fit the performers and the equipment in the room.

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