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06-Jun-2017 21:48

A year ago, the company launched Couples, a membership service where you get access to experiences at discounted prices.

This was a smart move, because it significantly opened up How About We’s potential user base and introduced a new line of revenue from selling the experiences.

What—drunk, six cigarettes in my mouth, sobbing down the phone at all the relatives I haven't called in years? I am an outlaw, a troubadour, a world traveler, a born again romantic.

I am grounded yet prone to flights of fancy and / or midnight cupcake hunts.

How About We has also created two new media properties for the network called Swimmingly and Famously, about couplehood and celebrities, respectively.

How About We is a dating site that aims to connect people offline over shared interests and activities.

How About We is experience-driven, although profile photos still figure prominently into the scenario.

How About We has always focused on the real-life meet-up more than the online back-and-forth, so this is a natural next step.

I won't say that what I wrote was "lies" because that's a little harsh and if I've learned one thing from my time with online personals it's that although truth be told, I've never really understood that expression. Online dating is one of those things nobody wants to admit to a natural proclivity for, or being an old hand at—like being an old hand at urine samples—and yet they are very much a form unto themselves, a species of fiction, really, wherein wannabe Romeos dash off lightly fictionalized, Gatsbyesque versions of themselves in a tone halfway between come-hither foxiness and plangent entreaty, as if forever posed in some doorway, blowing smoke rings and delivering unrehearsed zingers, before disappearing into the night to work in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.Once everyone has made their selections, How About We matches them in couples (based on profile factors), and sends both users into a text conversation. While this might seem a little more complicated than choosing someone on Tinder, How About We is more focused on the date itself.When you sign up for How About We, the app asks you to share what you would like to do on a first date, as well as the usual info (age, location, orientation, etc).“Online dating as a business has a terrible churn problem because these companies lose their most successful customers.

How About We takes a different approach — its goal is to keep people around, no matter what stage of the relationship they are in.

You can play it safe and choose “Get a coffee,” or opt for a more creative choice (i.e.

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